Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide Biblical training access to anyone who desires to grow and mature as a disciple of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Mission can be summarized in these words:
“Entrusting God’s truth to faithful men and women who are able to teach it to others"


Our vision is that the pastors and Christian leaders we have trained and equipped, will go forth and become engaged in the process of effectively teaching what they have learned to their churches, and beyond to other pastors and Christian leaders.
It is estimated that over 75% of the pastors and Christian leaders in Myanmar have had no structured biblical or theological education. Again, our vision is that this lack of training and ignorance of the Word of God and Biblical Theology would begin to be overcome.
Contributing to our vision is a clear picture of a country that is predominantly Buddhist, with most people living in ignorance and confusion. However, there is great spiritual hunger. In BEE Myanmar classes and conferences, many Christian denominations and ministries are represented. However seldom do denominational or church distinctions became an issue, because the focus is on understanding the Bible’s core teachings.

The Purpose :

BEE Myanmar exists to help the Church fulfill the great commission by teaching and training pastors and Christian leaders who have had little opportunity for Biblical training or means of education, but are pastoring or leading churches where God’s truth contained in His Word has often been passed over or not clearly proclaimed.

Three Biblical principles of Minisry

Being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ BEE Myanmar emphasizes on the following in evey step of courses;

1. Making the disciple of all Nations which include evangelization to the lost
2. Training the Total Man which includes the following areas
  1. Biblical Knowledge ( Knowing )
  2. Ministry Skill ( Doing )
  3. Character ( Being )
3. Transferability

BEE Myanmar encourages students to multiply themselves by teaching others what they have learned from their teachers, utilizing the BEE curriculum that they can transfer to others.

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